Training Courses

We can offer a range of training courses including:

One off or short courses, usually at your own venue e.g. staff meeting or Inset Day.

You may wish to consider several schools working together to spread the cost of training.

Staff Support

We can offer a mentoring service for support staff or NQT’s on any aspect of SEN.

Help for your SENCO to support and better meet the needs of all pupils.

We can help the Senior Leadership Team to strengthen the SDP or review policies for SEN.

Pupil Focus Support

We can offer solution focussed discussions with other professionals, involving parents if desired.

We can support in developing effective behaviour management strategies to  assist with inclusion in the classroom.

We offer a service to observe a specific pupil (with parental consent) and write a report on potential strategies that could further support the individual.

We can advise on differentiation including demonstration and modelling of equipment and resources to support learning.

Next Steps…

Upon receipt of your initial query we will contact you within a week to identify which type of input from Ask Bev is most appropriate.

An initial query or quote is free, contact us to see if we can help.

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